Studio Clearing Sale!

I’m hoping to clear my studio after some terrifically prolific (pandemic) years.
I offer bulk discounts so please inquire if you’re interested in any of the pieces.

Artist painting en plein air, seated at a picnic table, captured unawares.
Painting en plein air, Truro, MA

Many of my paintings are started en plein air – in nature – as you see in this photo, with the light changing, bugs biting and weather affecting everything. More often than not, those serve as studies for other paintings done in my studio, or are finished there. I aim to maintain a sense of the time and place where I first decided to paint a scene.

The still life painting set-ups were either in-studio or outside, attempting to capture the light and shadows usually only visible en plein air. The cat paintings came about when I most unexpectedly fell in love caring for my sister and brother-in-law’s Hazelnut. They’ve had numerous cats over the last 35 years but she is the first and only one I have cared for.

Making art is how I understand the world, how I make sense of things and people, how I see, and how I enjoy being in the world.

It’s a tremendous honor and joy when someone chooses a painting to live with. Though I spend most of my time alone painting, knowing something I’ve made has been selected to become part of someone else’s life and home completes a circle, drawing me back to the world outside my studio.

I am a third generation New Yorker, growing up and still living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but I’ve loved Cape Cod since I was five, in 1966. The place is a touchstone, a source of solace, invigoration, inspiration, and my favorite painting subject. Since 2019 I’ve been fortunate to share a home in Orleans with my sister, where I’ve spent most of my time since the global Covid-19 pandemic began.

Feel free to if you have questions, or are interested in making a purchase. I am also available for commissions.

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